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How Does AHRS Work?
[color=var(--color-content-link)][b]AHRS[/b], commonly known as heading reference system, can provide accurate and reliable roll, pitch, heading and other attitude and navigation information for the aircraft. It is mainly composed of acceleration sensors, gyroscopes, and magnetic sensors. Kalman filters are generally used as multi-sensor data. The fusion unit performs heading and attitude calculation. AHRS originated from aircraft-related technologies. Among them, the important indicators used to measure the AHRS reference system are attitude (roll, pitch) accuracy, heading accuracy, heading drift, etc. From the current application field, The AHRS reference system is widely used in products that require three-dimensional attitude measurement in fields such as motor vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles, industrial equipment, camera and antenna pan/tilt, ground and underwater equipment, virtual reality, life motion science analysis, indoor positioning, etc.[/color]
AHRS is very cost-effective. With the current micro-nano sensing technology, it can not only achieve sufficient accuracy, but also has rapid development due to its low cost. In addition, the reliability of AHRS is very high, it is not susceptible to external interference, and the measurement experiment under various extreme environments is also relatively stable. The coexistence of such excellent characteristics of low cost performance, high measurement accuracy, and high stability of AHRS is not available in other single measurement components. Through this highly integrated system, it can provide more precise control for the navigation of the aircraft. Therefore, it is expected in the future The development of AHRS is bright.
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