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Application areas and uses of IMU
Inertial navigation IMU has a wide range of application scenarios and is often used for pointing, steering and guidance monitoring, rock soil monitoring, etc. in advanced mining/drilling equipment, ships, automobiles, drones, robots, oil exploration, bridge exploration, high-rise buildings, iron towers, dams, etc. , navigation and positioning of transportation vehicles such as mining and missiles, and north-finding positioning in geodetic/land mobile mapping systems.

In the automotive field, inertial navigation IMU can help vehicles achieve autonomous driving and traffic jam identification, improving driving performance and safety. In land vehicles, IMUs can be integrated into GPS-based car navigation systems or vehicle tracking systems to provide dead reckoning capabilities to the system and the ability to collect as much accurate data as possible about the vehicle’s current speed, turn rate, heading and inclination and acceleration, combined with the vehicle’s wheel speed sensor output and reverse gear signal for purposes such as better traffic collision analysis. The ER-MG2-300/400 developed by ERICCO is a navigation-grade MEMS gyro sensor with a measurement range of up to 400 degrees/second and a bias instability of 0.05°/hour. It is designed for precision attitude in high-performance IMU/AHRS. Designed for azimuth measurement, positioning, navigation, guidance/GNSS-assisted INS, aviation/marine/land mapping/measurement systems/unmanned aerial vehicle/AUV and navigation-level MEMS weapon systems.

In the aviation field, inertial navigation IMU can realize motion control such as aircraft climbing, descending, turning, taxiing, etc., improving flight safety and accuracy. In a navigation system, data reported by the IMU is fed into a processor to calculate altitude, speed, and position. ER-MIMU-01 developed by ERICCO uses high-quality and reliable MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope. It communicates with the outside through RS422. The baud rate can be flexibly set between 9600~921600. The communication baud rate required by the user can be set through the communication protocol. Equipped with X, Y, Z three-axis precision gyroscope, X, Y, Z three-axis accelerometer, with high resolution, it can output the original hexadecimal complement of X, Y, Z three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer through RS422 code data (including gyroscope hexadecimal complement) numerical temperature, angle, accelerometer hexadecimal temperature, acceleration hexadecimal complement); it can also output gyroscope and accelerometer data that have been processed by underlying calculations Floating point dimensionless value.

One of the earliest devices was designed and built by the Ford Instrument Company for the U.S. Air Force and was intended to help aircraft navigate in flight without requiring any input from outside the aircraft. The device, known as a ground position indicator, shows the pilot the aircraft’s longitude and latitude relative to the ground once the pilot inputs the aircraft’s longitude and latitude during takeoff.

A major disadvantage of using IMUs for navigation, then, is that they are often subject to cumulative errors. Because the guidance system continuously integrates acceleration versus time to calculate velocity and position (see dead reckoning), any measurement error, no matter how small, accumulates over time. This results in “drift”: an increasing discrepancy between where the system thinks it is and where it actually is. The ER-MG-067 developed by ERICCO is a high-precision tactical-grade MEMS gyroscope with an instability deviation of 0.3 degrees/hour and an angular random walk of 0.125°/√h. It is a single-axis MEMS angular rate sensor. (gyroscope), capable of measuring angular velocity up to ±400°/s, and the digital output complies with the SPI slave mode 3 protocol. Angular rate data is represented as 24-bit words.
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