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Well Logging Technology
[color=var(--color-content-link)]Logging, also known as geophysical logging or g[/color]oil logging, logging for short, using the electrochemical properties, conductive property of rock, acoustic properties, radioactive geophysical characteristics, such as measuring the parameters of the geophysical method, belonging to the application of geophysical methods (including gravity, magnetic, electric and seismic, logging). Oil drilling in the drilling to design well depth depth after log must be applied to, also called electric well logging, for all kinds of petroleum geology and engineering data, the raw data for completion and development of oil field.This kind of logging customarily referred to as the open hole logging. Under the oil well casing by two series of logging, traditionally called production logging or develop logging. The experiences of development of simulated logging, digital logging, numerical control well logging and imaging logging four stages.

For oil industry, during the exploration for new fields ofwell logging according to the exploration well logging, the contents are as follows: (1) of dip logging (knowledge of underground structure and sedimentary structure); (2) saturation logging (identification of lithology, oil, gas, water reservoir); (3) wireline formation testing (testing of oil, gas, water reservoir).
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