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Buy best inertial system from China
The Smallest Size Triaxial MEMS North Seeker in the world.

A triaxial MEMS north seeker, also known as a triaxial magnetometer, is a type of sensor used to detect the Earth’s magnetic field and determine the direction of true north. These sensors are commonly used in various applications, including navigation systems, drones, robotics. [b]Ericco[/b] offers you the world’s smallest 3-axis MEMS north finder with affordable price.
When the gyro north seeker is at [color=var(--color-content-link)]high latitudes[/color], its accuracy becomes so poor that it is hard to find north. Therefore, improve the precision of north seeking, so that it can also perform well in high latitudes.ER-MG2-100 can solve this problem.When designing a north seeking gyro, it is necessary to consider not only the measurement accuracy of the gyro, but also the structure, cost, and other information. For north seeking, [color=var(--color-content-link)]dynamically tuned gyroscopes, interferometric fiber optic gyroscopes, and ring laser gyroscopes are the main gyroscopes used today for north seeking.[/color]
MEMS gyroscopes have potential advantages in north seeking, but their measurement accuracy is slightly insufficient compared to the previous several gyroscopes. When using a [color=var(--color-content-link)]MEMS gyroscope for north seeking, Angular random walk and bias stability in the gyroscope will mainly affect the accuracy of the gyroscope. Angular random walk is the main error that limits the performance of an attitude control system. The smaller the value, the smaller the error and the higher the resolution. The higher the resolution, the stronger the ability to detect the minimum angular rate. MEMS Gyros can be divided into three categories based on performance: speed level, tactical level, and inertial navigation level.[/color]

Currently, MEMS gyroscopes are basically between the speed level and the tactical level. If you want to achieve better north seeking results, you need to improve the accuracy of MEMS gyroscopes to align them with the inertial navigation level. Therefore, it is also necessary to filter and compensate the output of the gyroscope, calibrate the installation error of the gyroscope itself, and ensure that MEMS gyroscopes can achieve north seeking work.

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