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Have you heard electronic compass?
Electronic compass, also known as digital compass, is a method of using the geomagnetic field to determine the North Pole, and has been widely used as a navigation instrument or attitude sensor. It was called compass in ancient times, and the magnetoresistive sensor produced by modern advanced processing technology provides a powerful help for the digitization of compass. Nowadays, electronic compasses are generally processed by chips such as magnetoresistive sensors or fluxgates. It can be used in horizontal and vertical hole measurement, underwater exploration, aircraft navigation, scientific research, education and training, building positioning, equipment maintenance, navigation systems and other fields.

Because the principle of the electronic compass is to measure the earth’s magnetic field, if there are magnetic fields other than the earth in the environment used and these magnetic fields cannot be effectively shielded, then the use of the electronic compass has a big problem, then only consider using The gyro is used to determine the heading, which is the gyro compass.
[b]Gyro compass function logic description[/b]
1) When the gyro compass is powered on, it starts to run internally. First, the internal magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope and other chips start to collect data, and at the same time read the compensation value saved in the power-down storage area for calibration, and add the compensation value to the collected raw data to realize the compensation correction function.
2) The compensated data is filtered in frequency domain or time domain to filter out impurity data.
3) The roll, pitch, and yaw values are obtained through the Kalman filter fusion algorithm.
4) The gyro compass starts 360° plane calibration, and the calibrated value is communicated to the host computer through the serial port.
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